A dramatic vision for a premium SUV of the future


Radical compact SUV packaging

ED² exterior designer Stephan Rasmussen said the brief was to create a new genre of compact crossover - a vehicle that could progress the user experience and create something unique from a customer's point of view.

Unique "inside-out" design concept

At the heart of the design lies a futuristic, "inside-out" concept that creates a strong synergy between exterior and interior styling.

In top view, this is most strongly represented by an X-shaped movement in the architecture from the cabin outwards and vice-versa.

Visible inner skeleton

The "inside-out" styling theme is further emphasised by the wheel arches, roof bars and door cameras. They are all finished in the same material, and represent a form of continuous yet interrupted bone structure; the inner skeleton of the vehicle coming into view as, for instance, the roof bar penetrates the cabin - creating the A-pillar structure - and re-emerges as the door camera mounting.

Form-defining paintwork

Even the body colour has been designed to emphasise the shape of the car. In the absence of character lines, the multi-layered depth of the newly developed Immersive Amethyst paintwork serves to highlight volume changes, giving definition to the sculpture and expressing the car as a volume rather than simply a line-oriented design.


Unique, see-through A-pillar

A unique, "see-through" A-pillar once again serves to blur the boundaries between the exterior and interior. While the creation of a fully transparent polycarbonate A-pillar is feasible, the UX Concept communicates the message of transparency through the use of polycarbonate fins attached to an aluminium member.

Two perceptions of luxury in one cabin

On board, the cabin offers two different perceptions of luxury in one volume, signalled by the sharp, aggressive front fender and softer, more welcoming rear fender exterior treatment.

Deconstructed interior

"Deconstruction" is a second key design principle employed in the new Lexus UX Concept. This is most powerfully represented in the front of the cabin where, in place of a conventional dashboard, sharp, angular forms overlap and flow past each other to create a strong interplay of shadows and contrasts, making it difficult to identify where they begin or end and reinforcing the mystery of the "inside-out" approach.

Latest advanced in-vehicle technologies

The latest advanced in-vehicle electrical technologies are also on display in the new UX Concept. It features electro-chromatic windows, and the door mirrors are replaced by e-mirror camera housings far slimmer than conventional mirror housings. 

At the heart of the design lies a futuristic, "inside-out" concept that creates a strong synergy between exterior and interior styling.


Footnotes All images and descriptions depict an overseas concept vehicle not available for purchase.